See The Sky Etherwood

Sometimes melodic drum & bass is all I need. I'm really glad that there are many good artists out there giving their best to share fantastic music - without you this genre wouldn't be what it is today!

Two weeks ago British record producer Etherwood shared his newest masterpiece called "See The Sky". Since his third album "In Stillness" he has been travelling through western Europe in his converted camper, breathing in the inspiration of nature.

For his newest song - that is part of his 6-track release "Lost In The Right Direction" Etherwood introduced a blissful collaboration with Thomas Oliver. His vocals on top of the serene beats drive through for a powerful, heart-wrenching drum & bass ballad.

In four days - on 14 June - the EP will officially be released and I'm already looking forward to this day. Hats off to Etherwood and Med School for this fantastic release!

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