Someway Somehow FARR

FARR (Linden Jay and Romėo) is an aternative pop and electronic soul duo you should watch. In the past, they've created their music in two different continents (with the help of audio messages and voice notes). But for their latest and most intimate single, "Someway Somehow", the two musicians finally collaborated in person.

Linden commented on the new track, “It’s one of our slowest songs we have released thus far and highlights the struggle of everyday life, love and theme that everyone is trying to make it through their own unique situations. We want this song to connect with people and help them through the most difficult of times… offer them the notion that there are other people in the world experiencing hardship and difficulties as well, and that love and hope will always be there to see us through the darkest times.”

As this is the first release of the year for FARR, there's more to come! They are already working on their first full length album. Until then: press play and enjoy!

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