I Want Your Love Jenaux, Bryn Christopher

Sometimes it's really hard to find good new music - then it happens that you find a song but it's already more than half a year old or has to many views, so it's not really new. And than it happens, that you find a song you really like and it's been published one hour ago!

That is what happend me with this song "I Want Your Love" !

Jenaux uploaded this brilliant song just one hour ago. You think you might know the name of the American producer? About half a year ago we blogged another wonderful tune of Jenaux, which is called "Get It On" .

As in the other one he mixes electronic music with funky elements. With the pitched voices and the easy lyrics, this is a song to sing with while you're getting into party mood. Jenaux himself is really happy that he worked with Bryn Christopher (who you might know from a song with Sigala) on this track.

Keep him in he mind! He writes "This is the beginning of a string of releases. The next ones ready, the one after that is ready, and the one after that is done too."

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