Website Relaunch 2015

Today is the day everything changes on Eargasm

Exactly one year ago I've launched this website and with it the first version of Eargasm. Twelve month full of music, festivals and good advices from friends. Some moments got stuck in my head because they've pushed me and this project forward. One of those - which is also one of the best compliments - is simply if someone likes the music I share and uses this as their source for good music.

New Layout

After talking with a good workmate about this project, he helped me out with my design issue. Web Design is just not what I should do - that's why I was looking for someone. Philipp was motivated and we've talked and worked much about the new appearance of this website and especially about the usability. I was extremely impressed when he showed me the final design and I couldn't imagine how to make it better. I hope you like it too!

New Features

The appearance is not everything I've changed. There were some usability issues that some users reported and I've tried to implement them in the best way possible. Since this was only a simple blog with posts, it's more than that now. The most interesting change is that the website is based on AJAX now, which means that users can navigate through the site while listening to the newest song without stopping them. One of the biggest change is the Playlist - it's no longer just an iframe of another website. I'm streaming the sounds via SoundCloud and have created different moods for you! If that's still not enough, you can filter the songs by popularity or genre.


I wanted to release this version to improve your usability. That doesn't mean that I'm ending this project now - there are many more ideas in my head which I just need to implement. Step by step this blog will grow with many more features!

Thanks to all the people that have supported me and Eargasm!


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