Dear Sense Louis The Child, MAX

Louis The Child and MAX released a new song called "Dear Sense" and it's a track that makes you want to dance. What else could we have expected when two genius names like this come together?

Both parties are absolutely on fire right now! MAX just killed his part on Galantis' summer song "Satisfied", and Louis The Child are currently smashing with Wafia on "Better Not".

"Lyrically, the song speaks to sense as if it were a human," Louis The Child and MAX say in an emailed statement. "We feel everyone has moments where life feels like it doesn't make sense, and sometimes when we feel we've finally made sense of things, it quickly goes away. This song is about dealing with this constant loss of sense."

"Dear Sense" is the kind of song you hear once and need to hear, like, many more times as it's a very welcomed earwarm. And now - get ready to dance and press play!

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