Have It All Elephante, Nevve

American DJ and producer Elephante has dropped his next single "Have It All" in combination with the official release date for his sophomore EP "Glass Mansion".

Teaming up with the vocalist behind his huge hit "Catching On", Nevve's stunning vocals and Elephante's exquisite dance/pop production once again prove to be a winning combination.

To celebrate the pre-order of his upcoming EP on the 15th of June, he has put together the "Glass Mansion: Prologue" package featuring his sensational singles - available on Spotify.

Glass Mansion is about wanting more. It’s the dream that we’re chasing – whether it’s a career, art, a relationship – and the place we build in our heads that we think will ultimately make us happy. We spend all our time constructing and improving this imagined place, redecorating, buying furniture, planning the next addition. It’s never enough and yet we keep building anyway, because we hope that once it’s done we’ll finally be satisfied.” said Tim.

With these news and such an amazing song the talented hitmaker makes everything right! Be prepared for the official release - just 2 more weeks to go.

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