Help You Stay Technimatic, Ruth Royall

Technimatic's latest album, "For All of Us", unfolds a sonic landscape where "Help You Stay" featuring Ruth Royall stands out as a Liquid Drum & Bass gem. This track encapsulates the essence of the subgenre with its flowing beats, soulful vocals, and emotive lyrics. The duo's expert production, coupled with Royall's captivating voice, weaves a narrative that resonates with fans of Drum & Bass, making it a standout among the many brilliant tracks on the album.

"While 'Help You Stay' takes center stage, it's just one of the many gems in 'For All of Us.' Technimatic's versatility in exploring the diverse facets of Drum & Bass is on full display throughout the album. For enthusiasts of the genre, this release is a captivating journey, reaffirming Technimatic's position as masterful architects of Liquid Drum & Bass."

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