Just You and I (Hybrid Minds Remix) Tom Walker, Hybrid Minds

Over the last few years we've shared many songs of Scottish singer-songwriter Tom Walker because he is really talented and his voice is mesmerizing. In the meantime, he has released many more songs I fell in love with, but "Fly Away With Me" is still one of my favourites.

His latest album "What a Time To Be Alive" is full of good songs, and tracks like "Just You And I" received an impressive amount of streams. As I have a weakness for Drum & Bass songs - and especially for D&B remixes of already good songs - I need to share the remix from Hybrid Minds with you.

The English DJ and production duo knows how to keep the original feeling of the song alive while adding the perfect Drum & Bass sound to it. This is a combination I can't get enough of! Press play and enjoy this masterpiece.


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