Crown Stormzy

Incredible how fast time flies. Our first song of Stormzy we've posted here on Eargasm is Shut Up. Many things have changed since then and he has finally gained the attention he deserves!

A few days ago, on the 20th of June, the UK rapper shared his brand new song "Crown". It's his second single of the year 2019, and - regarding his Instagram post - a very special one for the Grime Heavyweight.

"[...] I’ve been struggling to find words to describe how much this song means to me...struggling to explain exactly why I felt the need to say what I’ve said on the record...and can’t quite summarise the journey of emotions the song takes me on when I listen back to it. [...]"

The song includes vocals by LJ Singers, a seven-piece choir based in the UK. These vocals combined with the talent of Stormzy is a perfect harmony you should listen to!

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